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“The one-stop-shop with the vision of becoming the most unique fashion destination.”

About Us


Ion and Sadaf were inspired to create a platform that carries authentic pieces, from high-end brands to vintage collections, after struggling to find a place that catered to their diverse styles.

We co-founded Toronto-based RCHIVE in 2020 with the dream of providing diverse, sustainable, high-quality, and authentic fashion to people across the world. Today, we are one-stop-shop for all your fashion needs – where streetwear and vintage meet luxury and designer – and have become an online fashion destination that connects people through the language of style. RCHIVE isn’t just a store. It’s a place for inspiration, authenticity, and uniqueness – where you can also sell your pre-loved goods!


We source our collections from reputable vintage stores, designer hot spots, worldwide marketplaces, and local consignees. In an era dominated by fast fashion and with sustainability being one of our central values as a brand, and as people, we see the value in showcasing pre-loved goods to extend their life cycle. Consignment is the perfect medium; it allows us to empower sellers and offer our customers the most exclusive hidden gems. Not only do these hand-picked items bring along their own story, but they also get a new place to call home! We will always leave you wondering what you’ll find next at RCHIVE.


Along the way, like-minded people with similar passions and values joined, and before we knew it, RCHIVE went from a dream to reality. Today, we are comprised of three leading teams – Inventory, Authentication, and Creatives. This division allows us to keep our collections fresh and up to date while ensuring authenticity and excellent quality.

Our inventory team constantly follows hot trends and scours marketplaces for the most unique and exclusive pieces to add to our collections. As fashion trends are cyclical, our team is always on the lookout for pre-loved goods coming back in style when considering new consignees. Before adding a new consigned item to our store, it must be approved by our committed Authentication Team, after undergoing a thorough examination process.


Our dedicated Creatives Team, made up of Toronto-based artists, wraps everything together by creating and curating our online platforms – continually working behind the scenes to make our vision come to life. Together, our team makes it possible for RCHIVE to provide diverse, sustainable, and authentic fashion to people worldwide, with the goal of one day having Toronto among the biggest fashion cities! We will always leave you wondering what you’ll find next at RCHIVE.



Each of our items is hand-picked by our inventory team with unique, fashion-forward people in mind – which is why you’ll find that our inventory consists of a wide variety of items, brands, and styles! We draw inspiration from cities like Paris, New York, and Tokyo – from high-fashion designer runways to Japanese streetwear – and closely follow new and returning style trends. If it’s trending, you can bet it’ll be on RCHIVE!

We source our goods from the best vintage stores, designer hot spots, worldwide marketplaces, raffles, and local consignees. Our authentication team works diligently to ensure that every item is authentic and of high quality – which makes consigning your clothes hassle-free, with exceptional returns and complete transparency! We carry new and pre-loved goods from a diverse variety of brands such as Acne Studios, Supreme, and Vivienne Westwood, and some of our personal favourites; Kapital, Jordan, and A Bathing Ape. With the diversity we offer, everyone with a discerning eye will find something they love!