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an Open Mic Poetry Night

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Secure your spot in the limelight by signing up now. Let your voice be heard, and your words resonate in this unique gathering of poetic souls.

Poets will have a 5 minute time slot for their performance.

MOONLIGHT - an Open Mic Poetry Night

Join us for an evening of poetic passion and fashion flair.

Embark on a poetic journey as MAYA and RCHIVE unite to bring you a captivating Open Mic Poetry Night. Join us on March 30th, from 7PM to 12AM, for an evening of lyrical enchantment, where the stage becomes a canvas for the soulful expressions of both seasoned and emerging poets.

🗓Date & Time:

  • Date: March 30th
  • Time: 7:00 PM - 12:00 AM


  • RCHIVE Fashion Club - 780 King St. West


How to Participate:

To all the wordsmiths and poetry aficionados, the stage is yours! Secure your moment in the spotlight by signing up for a time slot in advance or, for the spontaneous spirits, register in person during the event.

Join us for an evening of fashion flair and poetic passion. Whether you're a performer or an appreciative audience member, this is an opportunity to celebrate the power of words in a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

We can't wait to share this poetic experience with you!

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